Why Coolrooms and Freezers Should Be Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Environmentally friendly designs are reshaping coolroom technology. More than a worthy design goal, this engineering imperative is examining the energy-hungry components that give commercially scaled cooling system their reputation for power gluttony. Even basic cooling cabinets share a measure of responsibility here, so how is an environmentally friendly redesign cutting power consumption figures? It all […]

Factors to Consider in Walk in Coolroom and Freezer Set-Up and Installation

What’s that planned walk-in freezers storing? Is it legs of lamb and flanks of beef? Maybe it’s a walk-in cooler, a scientific storage area that will host medical samples? These questions need clear and unequivocal answers before the walk-in coolroom and freezer set-up can commence. Including this essential question, what other factors require consideration before […]

Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installer for Pleasure Boats / Yachts

When uniquely equipped marine refrigeration appliances are installed on yachts, an equally unique installation service is obligatory. Likewise, when air conditioners need to be fitted to a pleasure boat, the selected marine equipment fitter needs to excel as a business that knows the ins-and-outs of this specialized field. Minimally invasive work practices are essential here, […]