Some families are accustomed to long road travels, most especially if they want to visit their relatives across town or just want to do other outdoor activities. Since long hours of drives can be exhausting, some of them have actually invested in buying a recreational vehicle (RV). RVs provide convenience to families and people who are in for a long drive since these vehicles have areas for accommodation.

RVs have living quarters that are designed to accommodate people. The living quarters on RVs can have certain types of appliances and equipment so that families and groups of friends can have a place to eat, hang out, and even sleep just like in a regular house. For those who love to stock up on food, then an RV refrigerator must be installed within the RV.

RV refrigerators work differently compared to those residential refrigerators. As an idea, a residential refrigerator uses a compressor and other components to cool every product that is stored inside it. An RV refrigerator, on the other hand, has various elements that make them perfect for long bumpy travels.

Overall Components

An RV refrigerator doesn’t have any compressor or mechanical parts to make it work. Instead, it uses ammonia, hydrogen gas, and water to cool everything down. All these elements, which are processed through the absorption method, are utilised to cool down the whole refrigerator. And while residential refrigerators rely on electricity to work, an RV refrigerator relies on heat to power cooling gases.

RV refrigerators use heat to process the mentioned elements for cooling purposes. To date, these refrigerators can be powered by multiple sources. The more popular 2-way RV refrigerator can use either AC power or LP gas to start the cooling process. Alternatively, a 3-way RV refrigerator can use AC power, DC power, or LP gas to initiate the cooling process.

The connection of a camper to a generator can generate a heating element, which can be used to run an RV refrigerator. An open flame produced by propane can also help the refrigerator on its cooling process.

The Efficiency of RV Refrigerators

RV refrigerators can manage to perform their functions even with long road travels since they have multiple power sources. Moreover, they have special mechanisms that can maintain the optimal cooling process even if the outside temperature fluctuates.

Another factor that makes RV refrigerators functional throughout different travels is that they don’t have mechanical parts. Your RV refrigerators can even last for 10 to 20 years because of the lack of moving parts. You see, devices and appliances with moving parts can certainly meet their end right away if they are placed on a moving vehicle. This complication is the reason why different residential appliances and equipment must be enclosed in tight immovable boxes to avoid any damages.

RV refrigerators are suitable for people who will be spending the nights at a campground or for campers who would like to dry camp. If you need a new RV refrigerator right now, then visit us at CoolFactor. We are authorised to sell high-quality refrigerators and air-conditioning units that can be used for many applications.