Individual Ducts for Each Pane of Glass


Marine Air’s PHD12 pilot-house defroster is designed to remove any moisture or condensation that may form on the inside of a windshield. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically under the coaming area of the pilot house or overhead.

PHD12 units operate by using electric heat that takes cabin air and raises the temperature throughthe use of finned heating elements mounted in the defroster chamber.

In order to accommodate the wide range of styles and number of glass areas in yachts, the PHD12 incorporates individual ducts dedicated to each pane so that all surface areas are treated. Heatedair is driven through the ducts via a high-velocity blower.

Key Benefits

  • Custom configuration for up to six duct ring outlets
  • May be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Fan-with-heat or fan-only modes
  • Lightweight marine-grade aluminum construction
  • Tapered duct housing permits easy mounting and installation of ducting
  • Slimline style fits easily in overhead applications or under pilot-house coaming area
  • Two-part epoxy polyurethane paint resists chipping and corrosion
  • Replaceable filter assembly
  • Available with high-velocity blowers
  • Meets or exceeds applicable ABYC and US Coast Guard regulations, CE directives, and general Air Conditioning