DP2600IXThese 2-door refrigerators have huge capacity and feature large separate freezer compartments for long term storage of frozen foods.
The DP2600iX, has a flush mount surround for ease of installation and also has the marine standard ‘Nautic’ catch system as standard equipment. The refrigerators with internal cooling units are easy to install because the cooling unit is mounted directly onto the refrigerator cabinet. These units are recommended in all applications where there is sufficient ventilation around the refrigerator, especially behind it, near the cooling unit. Suitable for marine and RV use.


  • Stainless Steel finish
  • 2 door (separate freezer)
  • LED light in Freezer and Fridge, Reversable hinge.
  • Internal cooling unit
  • Replaceable door insert


Overall Dimensions
Height 1335mm
Width 630mm
Depth 597mm (plus handle)
Capacity 230 litres (170 fridge, 60 Freezer)
Power supply 12/24Vdc
Rated current 4.4A/2.2A
Average consumption 40 W/H
Weight 62 kg