Dometic Origo Alcohol Stoves and Ovens

The safest and easiest way to cook at sea is to pour denatured alcohols such as methylated spirit into the Origo stainless steel container. The fuel is absorbed and bound in a non-flammable mineral wool material and the spirit is drawn to the surface by a natural capillary action. No dangerous pressure methods are used. That’s why boating enthusiast the world over depend on Origo by Dometic, the most trusted name in marine appliances.

Origo Accessories

ORIGO 3001 Pot Holder set of two
(To suit Origo 1500, Origo 3000, and Origo 6000)

Origo 3001-Pot-Holder set

Dometic Origo 3002 Gimbal set.
(To suit Origo 1500, Origo 3000)

Origo 3002-Pot-Holder-Gimbal set

Dometic ORIGO 4001 Pot Holder
(To suit Origo 2000, Origo 4100)

Origo 3001-Pot-Holder set

Alcohol fuel canister

Origo Alcohol-fuel-canister