Whenever in a cruise ship, there are lovely chefs who will spend most of the time thinking about the dish that they will be cooking every mealtime. Even if they are experts in cooking, there are still factors that can affect their cooking abilities. One factor that can affect them is the stove.

You see, when cooking at sea, stoves that are used in ships are different from the ones on restaurants or hotels. Most of the time, chefs at sea must know some safety precautions about using the stove in cooking. Fortunately, a solution has come in to place to avoid any disturbance at sea.

What are Origo Dometic Alcohol Stoves?

Nowadays, alcohol stoves are now becoming common at sea. They are dubbed as the safest and easiest way to cook at sea since they only rely on denatured alcohols. A specific brand of alcohol stoves called Origo Dometic Alcohol Stoves has been changing the way we cook at sea.

Depending on your need, you can choose among the list of Origo Dometic Alcohol Stoves. The most portable one, the ORIGO 1500, is a single-burner free-standing spirit stove that is compact and built to last even to the smallest boat available today. Next, the ORIGO 2000 is also a single-burner spirit stove that is compact but efficient. The ORIGO 4100 are two-burner built-in marine stove that may or may not come with hinged cover of tempered glass. The ORIGO 6000 is the beast among them. It is a two-burner marine stove that has an oven in it.

What Makes Them Safe to Use at Sea?

An Origo Dometic Alcohol Stove uses denatured alcohol to make it work. This alcohol serves as a fuel that is absorbed and bound in a non-flammable mineral wool material. Moreover, the spirit is drawn to the surface by a natural capillary action. Since no dangerous pressure methods are used, then this alcohol stove is deemed safe for marine use.

Before, chefs would cook on pressurised stoves that can be dangerous for the whole boat or ship. But now, alcohol stoves make the whole ship a safer place to work on. Even if the controls are opened too widely, a flare-up is still not possible under any circumstances. The fuel container of Origo alcohol stoves is also secured and durable. This container is entirely leak-free, which prevents any fuel from escaping the container even when you turn it upside down.

Additionally, Origo stoves have specially designed potholders that can prevent your pans and pots from falling. So, even if the waves will be unstable, expect that your food won’t be scattered and spilled all over the floor. To enhance stability, these alcohol stoves have specially designed enclosure that can be mounted securely in places yet retain independent movement.

Cooking at sea won’t have to be dangerous again. If you want to have your own alcohol stove, then contact us now at CoolFactor. We have the greatest Origo Dometic Alcohol Stoves that you can use for your travels at sea.