Evakool Portable Refrigerators: Best Features That’s Perfect for Your RV’s

To the uninformed eye, Evakool Portable Refrigerators look appealing. Viewed by an RV owner, though, these robust appliances reveal their finest features. First of all, these are high-quality units. They’re designed to be user-friendly, tough as nails, and entirely leak-free. That latter feature is a real benefit, especially when the recreational vehicle is bouncing along […]

Refrigerated Container Vans for Perishable Goods

From small delivery trucks to heavy-duty trucks, refrigerated vans cruise our streets and highways. Colourful promotional tags bedeck the smaller mobile vehicles. As for the mammoth road barges, they’re the ‘reefers’ that carry perishable goods to market. Still, regardless of size disparity, they’ve been fused with one common feature. Check it out, this squat cooling […]