All the wonders and explorations that the field of science experience are all brought by the advancements in the field of technology. From the process applied down to the instruments used, laboratory experts have gained a lot of solutions and answers to endless problems that humanity has known for a very long time.

One good example of an instrument that laboratories use is cryostat. Cryostats are very important in the field of medicine and other related fields. Their main purpose is to maintain low cryogenic temperatures of human, animal, or plant tissue specimens. Devices can also be mounted within the cryostat machine. The temperature is maintained through the use of a cryogenic fluid bath like liquid helium.

How does a Cryostat Work?

To better understand the way a cryostat works, one must simply know its composition first. The working principles of a cryostat revolve around its overall composition that makes it suitable for a lot of functions.

You see, a cryostat has a cryo-chamber that can hold up to 10 specimen disks. It also has a stainless-steel rotary microtome that can cut specimens in a specified thickness level. A refrigerant, a drainage tube, and a control panel are all found within a cryostat.

The most basic way of using a cryostat is by placing the specimen on the specimen holder. The specimen holder is then placed inside the cryo-chamber and will be cooled to the preferred temperature. Within minutes of being frozen, the specimen found on the holder will then be cut by the microtome manually. A 3D orientation of the specimen is then provided to give a better look at it while cutting. Finally, this specimen is mounted on a slide under a microscope for viewing and research purposes.

Why is Maintenance for Cryostat Important?

Cryostats are mainly used in the field of medicine, biology, and even chemistry. Different types of new cures, elements, and other properties are explored thanks to the wonders of cryostats. Without them, laboratory experts would find it difficult to freeze and cut the specimen found on living organisms.

If one of the parts is broken, a cryostat won’t be able to perform its function well. The inability of a cryostat to perform well can be constituted to the fact that there is a lack of maintenance and proper service. So, laboratories and research institutions must certainly brace proper service and maintenance for this type of machinery. After all, you don’t want your broken cryostat to give you inaccurate results from the specimen.

An annual check-up and preventive maintenance can already do the job in maintaining the capacity of the cryostats to do their intended functionalities. With these precautionary measures, the lifespan of the cryostats will definitely increase by a significant amount of time. Moreover, the specimen that is stored and frozen in your cryostat will be converted into a distortion-free bio-sample. You’ll never know your functional cryostat might bring you your answer about the problem that you have been solving for years.

Luckily, the maintenance of cryostat can be quite easy. First, your cryostat must be placed in an area where it can pull in and blow out clean air right away. Then, its components must be cleaned every day. Next, you must completely lock the areas of the cryostat since you want to avoid irrelevant elements from entering and messing up your device.

A cryostat is a device that is very important for us now. Without proper maintenance, we might encounter problems and erroneous data results that can significantly ruin our research or study. To know more about them, you can contact us now CoolFactor.