When engaged in business around cold food products, then there might be a possibility that you require ice to make your business profitable. There is no point in making cold food products without attending to the most important factor of your business, which is no other than ice.

Creating ice can already be done through our refrigeration system. However, it would take hours before getting your ice ready. Waiting for hours just for a small amount of ice is not ideal for a business. Ice makers, on the other hand, can create tons of ice under a shorter time compared to the refrigeration system. From households to businesses, an ice maker can certainly give us ice whenever we need it.

Like any other appliances and tools, an ice maker can also run into trouble when used for a long time. Ice makers can also encounter other issues due to numerous factors. So, here are some common ice maker problems and ways to deal with them.

Ice Maker Does Not Work

Perhaps one of the most common issues in any devices and appliances is that when they don’t work at all. Even if they can be still turned on, the primary function of these appliances is not working anymore. For ice makers, some notable factors can make them not work and somehow malfunction.

Some ice makers have a control arm that possesses a pause feature whenever the ice bin is already full. In some cases, the control arm may have been moved out of position or fallen off, which then affects your ice maker. You can check the manual for this problem to know the workarounds about the pause feature and how to disable it.

Alternatively, if your water line is clogged or turned off, then check if your water supply valve is not shut off or restricted by some bracket or fastener. The same goes for your filters and water inlet valve. Check your manual to know the location of these parts. Once located, you must look out for debris and flush them out according to the manual. Remember to power off the ice maker first before doing your examination.

And if all the aforementioned parts don’t show any signs of damage and debris accumulation, then you may have a frozen water line. Unplug the ice maker first from the power supply. Then, defrost the line with a hairdryer. If the accumulated mass of ice is already gone, then restore the power and turn on the water line. If you hear the water running into the ice maker, then your problem is finally solved.

Ice Maker Does Not Make Enough Ice

There are some cases where your ice maker can still make ice. However, the quantity of the ice being created does not reach the optimal or normal level specified. It may be possible that your line is beginning to freeze up. Check the line and do the hairdryer trick mentioned above.

Ice Maker Starts to Leak

Since ice maker has to deal with water before making ice, there is a possibility that your ice maker can leak water in the freezer or onto the floor. When you encounter some leaking, check your refrigerator and ice maker unit and see to it that they are perfectly level on the floor. Moreover, check the water supply line for any damages. Your fill cup must also be aligned correctly with the water funnel.

All of these problems can be solved whenever you got to check them right away. If a problem persists, then this might be the right time for you to call for help. CoolFactor, fortunately, offers repairs for your ice maker to make it work at a hundred percent again.