When you enter your marine or recreational vehicle, one essential element that you always turn on during cold seasons is your heater core. Without it, your vehicle cabin will experience extreme coldness that can be dangerous not only to you but also to your vehicle components. A heater core is only a part of your vehicle cooling system that disperses heat and allows your heater and defroster to function.

Stock heater cores may already perform your desired heating functionalities. However, there is a brand that can offer additional heating functionality for your own good. This specific brand is known as Webasto.

Founded in 1901, Webasto has been manufacturing high-quality automotive solutions that cater to different consumers. The company develops and produces heating and cooling systems, roof and convertible roof systems, charging solutions, and battery systems for electromobility. With the company’s comprehensive experience and knowledge, these enabled them to produce heating system products that you can add to your marine and recreational vehicles.

Air Top 2000ST

The Air Top 2000ST is one of the smallest diesel air heaters on the market. This type of air heater can be easily installed and used in both marine and recreational vehicles due to its small form factor. When you use this product on your vehicles, you can expect quiet, economical, powerful, and reliable functionalities throughout its operations. This product is also cost-efficient since it only consumes low power and fuel. When in fresh mode, this produce can dehumidify your vehicle cabin.

Air Top Evo 40 / 55

Another type of diesel heater that you can use with your recreational vehicle is the Air Top Evo. It comes with two models that are based on their electrical power capacity. The Evo 40 is a 4-kilowatt (kW) heating unit, while the Evo 55 embodies a 5.5 kW unit. Both models are capable of quick and efficient heating of cabins. Just like Air Top 2000ST, the Air Top Evo series also run with reduced energy consumption and noise emission thanks to their new control system and intelligent fuel pump operation. These series are also equipped with an automatic altitude compensation system.

Dual Top Evo 6

The engineering feat of Webasto is heavily manifested on their Dual Top Evo 6 heating solution. This product has a Webasto Comfort solution that only uses one fuel source. Moreover, the Dual Top Evo 6 is fully capable of heating not only your whole cabin but also your domestic hot water, giving you access to hot water all the time. Through its dual top standard manual control unit, you can easily activate and control its modes like cabin heating, water heating, automatic antifreeze function, and auto drain functionalities. Just like any other Webasto products, the Dual Top Evo 6 is also cost-efficient and operates at low noise.

Installing an additional heating system for your marine and recreational vehicles can help you acquire a lot of benefits. From saving fuel down to obtaining additional features, your money will certainly not go to waste with Webasto products. For your Webasto product needs, you can always visit us at Cool Factor.