Why Coolrooms and Freezers Should Be Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Environmentally friendly designs are reshaping coolroom technology. More than a worthy design goal, this engineering imperative is examining the energy-hungry components that give commercially scaled cooling system their reputation for power gluttony. Even basic cooling cabinets share a measure of responsibility here, so how is an environmentally friendly redesign cutting power consumption figures? It all […]

Factors to Consider in Walk in Coolroom and Freezer Set-Up and Installation

What’s that planned walk-in freezers storing? Is it legs of lamb and flanks of beef? Maybe it’s a walk-in cooler, a scientific storage area that will host medical samples? These questions need clear and unequivocal answers before the walk-in coolroom and freezer set-up can commence. Including this essential question, what other factors require consideration before […]

Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installer for Pleasure Boats / Yachts

When uniquely equipped marine refrigeration appliances are installed on yachts, an equally unique installation service is obligatory. Likewise, when air conditioners need to be fitted to a pleasure boat, the selected marine equipment fitter needs to excel as a business that knows the ins-and-outs of this specialized field. Minimally invasive work practices are essential here, […]

Tips in Choosing the Best Ice Maker for Your RV

Ice makers are the ultimate extra. While considered a home luxury appliance by some, these specialised refrigerator add-ons are now leaving the kitchen. They’re heading into recreational vehicles, redefining road comfort values, and introducing a “clink-clink” of high-living comfort to your beverages while you’re on the road. Here are a few tips that will help […]

Benefits of Webasto Air Heaters for your RV

Webasto air heaters keep your RV warm by sipping diesel fuel. In other words, the compact appliance feeds on a recreational vehicles’ engine fuel supply, so you don’t need to stop to buy space-hogging extra gas cylinders when the winter temperature prompts you to turn up the thermostat. Here’s a list of some other benefits […]

Reasons Why National Luna Portable Fridge/Freezers Have High Performance Quality

Given the energy-sipping requirements that define the camping and caravanning market, the appliances that operate in those power dieting fields of activity need to count their calories. In this case, when we talk about “calories,” we’re really referring to the electrical current flowing in the appliance, not food energy. Somehow, National Luna portable fridge/freezers have […]

How Do RV Refrigerators Work?

A lot of electricity is required to keep food cool in your home. The home refrigerator has ready access to power, but a Recreational Vehicle (RV) obviously doesn’t. There’s no magical unlimited power source in your RV, just batteries and road-generated energy. Carefully allocated, that mobile power is split between numerous systems, so how do […]

What is Commercial Refrigeration?

What is commercial refrigeration? It’s more than a question of scalability, that’s for certain. Sure, a commercial cooling unit is large, so there’s probably a walk-in unit hosting a small mountain of perishable foodstuff located somewhere. But what about airflow? What about the other factors that require proper evaluation in this commercially rated cooling scenario? […]