On purchasing a run-of-the-mill ice maker, an unassuming fisherman gains a certain level of comfort. The boxy appliance mass-produces shelves full of ice, and a catch-of-the-day stays fresh. Still, a more discerning fisherman shouldn’t be stuck for choice. Fortunately, the makers of the Echelon ice makers range supports that attitude. They believe in fully-equipped ice makers, appliances that hit their mark in every respect.

A Fisherman’s Frosty Friend

The Echelon Series continuously churns out heaps of ice cubes. For keeping moderate to large catches fresh, it features low harvest time ice productivity, which makes a huge difference. A lesser model, one made by a competitor who has never hooked a large fish, takes time to produce large quantities of ice cubes. If that were the case with the Echelon, a dorsal fin or scaly abdomen section would poke free of the refrigerating cubes, and that tasty fish meat would spoil. No worries, the Echelon pumps out thirty-two ice cubes at a time.

Adding a Water Line Pump

Who wants to rely on gravity or fluid dynamics when there’s a pump that’ll drive water to the ice maker? The Echelon Series works best when its circulation pump works in concert with an optional drainage pump. The fully lubricated, maintenance-free fluid discharge mechanism incorporates an automatic shut-off valve, so the ice maker won’t flood if there’s a power failure. Now, assuming the drainage pump is connected, it’s time to get this big boy outside and on-deck. An electronic module is embedded inside the stainless steel housing. It regulates the commercial-grade circulation pump and keeps that harvest time cycle brief, even when the ice maker is installed on-deck.

A Sports Fishing Cooler

Hours of inactivity can cause a fisherman to nod his head. Heavy eyelids and all, an afternoon nap is on the cards. Suddenly the waters stir. Seagulls are diving. The afternoon is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Happily, because of the 32 ice cubes per cycle feature, as listed on the Echelon CLR2060, a whole crate full of ice will be ready when the fish start hitting the deck. After all, there’s nothing worse than a poor-prepared containment system after all of that hard, sweaty effort has been expended. You have the fish, so bring on a fully cooled bin full of ice right now.

A fisherman’s attention rests on the nearest wave and extends all the way to the horizon. An occasional glance is reserved for a skyward look, all the better to see a diving seagull. In the meantime, a fisherman’s convenience is positioned somewhere on-deck. That’s the Echelon ice maker, with its high-capacity, low harvest time ice production innards. Pumps deliver its watery lifeblood while a stainless steel skin protects it from the salty air.