What do distressed customers look for when a formerly reliable fridge self-destructs? Hopefully, they begin by seeking out a reputable cooling engineer, a service that has earned its reputation through years of experience. What about air conditioning repairs? The answer’s the same, the client demands a service that knows the ins-and-outs of the industry. A jack of all trades, master of none approach isn’t going to work, though, right?

Fridge and AC Repair: A Pragmatists Guide

Let’s take a look at specialist applications. There’s a repair company that targets mobile cooling equipment. They’re the practical choice when it comes to boating coolers, air conditioners on recreational vehicles, and all manner of nomadic temperature managing appliances. Upscaling those services, the same company goes to work on commercial equipment repair. Easy to envisage, the multi-specialist services larger catering freezers. Additionally, beyond boating and motorhome systems and commercial fridges, the company techs service and repair the following freezer and cooler types:

• Wine storage units
• Pathology lab refrigeration equipment
• Walk-in coolrooms and freezers
• Cryostat units, as used in hospitals

Covering the gamut, from catering operations to hospital labs, this list proves that specialist cooling equipment repairers, at least the practical ones, tend to know all there is to know about servicing a wide range of equipment types.

Air Conditioner Service and Repair

Here’s a subject that causes many sleepless nights, especially during the hottest months of the summer. Let’s take a virtual eraser and rub out the lines of demarcation, the ones that exist between the different forms of air conditioning. Out at sea, the ideal choice is an air conditioner that uses a seawater condenser. Meanwhile, onshore, chemically loaded housings come packed with special refrigerants. It’s the same situation inside a roving RV, where different cooling solutions use engine fuel as a supplementary power source. Repair-wise, the practically minded servicing team can go anywhere. Still, that doesn’t change the fact, contrasting technologies separate fixed cooling appliances and their mobile counterparts. Aware of the differences, and the solutions, the most important skill of all, as applied by a seasoned servicing technician, must be a measure of versatility.

What’s been learned over the course of this post? Mobile-proficient and commercially capable cooling services are very different creatures. To conquer them, to be a master of mobile and fixed cooling appliances, the techs in question require two contrasting instructional modes and servicing approaches. Diesel-fueled or seawater cooled, electric powered or refrigerant cooled, every mobile and commercially stationed fridge or air conditioning unit requires a uniquely capable servicing approach.