Installing air conditioning units in huge ships isn’t a kind of a big deal for ship owners since they utilize the built-in generators to power these units. However, if you are one of those who own small sailboats and ships, then installing this unit may be a bit of a hassle.

Sometimes, we have the burning desire to sail in the middle of the summer and catch a few fish for dinner. What restricts us from doing this is the lack of air condition unit on our sailboat that somehow ruins our grand plan. So, what can we do about it? Thankfully, Cool Factor gathered all the challenges in installing marine air conditioning units and their corresponding solutions. We want to help you, ship owners, overcome your problems and enjoy your sailing plans in the future.

The Lack of Power Supply

A generator can power a lot of things in huge ships and other vehicles without the use of electricity. But with small ships and boats, the presence of a generator would only need additional space and entail expenses that can be difficult to maintain. From the power source to maintenance, generators may cost more than the value of your boat in the long run.

The advances in technology, however, put an end to the power supply problems. Marine air conditioning units don’t need power from generators for them to work, since they rely on the environment for the power source. The form factor of these units can also fit anywhere on a small sailboat, as they are compact and lightweight.

The Increase in Power Consumption

Small ships and boats use a tremendous amount of power for them to sail and navigate. So, installing an air conditioning unit may add to the consumption of your fuel and other power supply.

Thankfully, modern air conditioning units for ships draw and convert power from the environment. Some units can absorb the surrounding waters and use them as a cooling agent for your cabin. For added functionality, some of these units can even serve as a heater. All of these are possible with inverter technology that can supply a ship with an uninterrupted power out of the surrounding waters and heat.

The Hassle of Maintenance

Despite significant savings from power consumption and expenses, the idea of maintenance haunts every ship owner as this can consume valuable time that can be dedicated to sailing or doing other things.

The maintenance of such air conditioning units can be solved when you buy products from an authorised seller. These sellers can provide not only extended warrantees but also install and repair services that are integral to the maintenance of the units. They can even design the best system of air conditioning that you need for your well-beloved ships and boats.

Now that you have read about the solution to your challenges, this is the right time for you to invest in marine air conditioning units. You can contact us at Cool Factor if you want to own one for your ship, as we can provide you all the best sales, installation, and repair service in Australia.