Restaurants and other food industry businesses are finding that increasing their food safety while decreasing their food waste to be a main priority today. An integral part of accomplishing both of these goals is the rapid cooling of cooked and fresh foods to prevent bacterial growth from ruining them. A blast chiller is a piece of equipment that performs this action with high efficiency. As a result, we recommend that anyone that owns any type of food service business invest in at least one of these units. We provide the following benefits of making this investment to further educate you on this topic.

Cools Food down Faster than Other Types of Refrigeration Units

The first benefit of investing in a blast chiller is the fact that it cools down food much faster than other types of refrigeration units do in every case. In fact, it works in the fraction of the time that it takes other units to chill the foods to the same temperature, regardless of the type of food.

Protects Food from Bacterial Growth

Food safety is yet another advantage of using blast chillers. The faster that you lower the temperature of products to cold or freezing temperatures, the less chance of bacterial growth there is. Traditional cooling methods work so slowly that bacteria may still grow in and on the foods.

Blast Cooling Foods Lock in Their Nutrients

Fast or blast chilling foods also locks in their nutrients. The longer fresh produce stays at room temperature, the more of their nutritional value disappears. Also, the same goes for cooked foods. This means that whoever consumes your edible products will be healthier for doing so when you invest in a blast chiller.

Decreases Food Waste

Another important advantage of utilising blast chillers to cool food rapidly is that they decrease the amount of your food waste. Every edible product that you need to dispose of cost you in profits.

Increases Consumer or Client Satisfaction

Since blast cooling foods preserves the overall quality and safety of the foods, you will increase your consumer or client satisfaction by using a unit that performs this action. Your customer or client base may increase as a result of this.

You May Be Able to Increase Your Product Line

A benefit that many food industry businesses overlook is the fact that they might be able to increase their product line by using a blast chiller. The reason for this is that you will be able to store additional food at a safe temperature depending upon the size of the chiller.

For further benefits of investing in a blast chiller, consult with Cool Factor. We specialise in providing commercial, marine, RV and other types of refrigeration units, coolrooms, freezer rooms, blast chillers and other related products.