The warranty is a legal document issued to a customer by the manufacturer of a certain item. This document indicates a promise to repair or replace the item if necessary within a specified period of time. The warranty explains the coverage of repairs as well as the ways to ensure the enforcement of your warranty coverage.

Major refrigeration and air conditioning brands have three types of warranties.

Manufacturer Warranty

This is the warranty provided by the company that creates the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. This type of warranty is composed of details such as covered equipment, problems covered, coverage starting date, warranty length, exclusions and eligibility; warranty registration, and warranty claims.

It is most important to know the normal coverage of a manufacturer warranty. Usually, it includes bad or defective parts and assembly line incompetence. This means that a certain refrigeration or air conditioning brand must replace a unit if a part used to build it fails during the coverage period or the technicians made mistakes in assembling the parts or wiring.

However, there are certain issues that are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. These are bad installation, poor maintenance or anything other than defective parts and assembly; non-covered parts such as replacement filters and refrigerants; unqualified installers; unit transfer; online purchase and shipments.

Installation Warranty

These warranties are provided by the dealer that installs your refrigeration and air conditioning unit. Their purpose is to cover failure caused by improper installation— something not covered by most manufacturer warranties. A reputable refrigeration and air conditioning unit installer must provide a 12-month installation warranty for parts that fail due to bad installation.

Labour expenses must be covered by the unit installer. If your preferred installer does not provide an installation warranty, it is advisable to get more estimates. It is ideal to acquire at least three estimates to evaluate before deciding who to hire.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty, otherwise known as Extended Service Agreement or ESA, is a third-party warranty marketed by refrigeration and air conditioning dealers. It actually starts when your standard warranty expires. For parts, that is usually after 10 or 12 years. For labour, it starts immediately or after one year.

Extended warranty is a source of added revenue for the contractor with no additional inventory required. It also ‘locks in’ the equipment owner for the term of the agreement, giving contractors the opportunity to offer maintenance agreements to these customers.”

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